A History of Providence Auto Body

Providence Auto Body’s history of excellence stretches back almost forty years to 1982, when our founder, John Petrarca, opened the doors of his own Providence collision repair shop for the first time. Drawing on over a decade and a half of experience in the auto body business, John set up his new firm with the outstanding features that still make it one of the leading, most popular car repair services in Rhode Island.

John’s concept, which has served as a blueprint for Providence Auto Body’s operations since its earliest days, was twofold. His first goal was to always provide excellent service to every client, coming as close to perfection as humanly possible. The use of skilled workers, the highest quality materials, tools, and car parts, and cutting edge techniques and technologies combined with old-fashioned hard work have made this objective into a reality.

His second goal was to always place the needs of his clients – the actual owners and drivers of accident-damaged cars – ahead of the cost-cutting, quality-disregarding demands of insurance companies. Car owners have the legal right to use their insurance to hire the services of an auto body shop that provides topnotch repairs rather than the slapdash services of a cut rate, backstreet garage. Accordingly, John adopted a number of policies intended to give clients the best possible service, including a full guarantee on all repair work for the remaining lifetime of the vehicle, use of high quality parts directly from the manufacturer, and a dedication to ensuring that every customer leaves fully satisfied after collision repair.

Providence Auto Body has expanded steadily over the years, but remains very much a reliable family business. John Petrarca still owns and operates the shop, and Mrs. Petrarca has managed the office for over twenty years. Our employees are likewise dedicated to carrying on the business’ original mission, focused on superb customer service and commitment to you rather than the insurance company.

Now in its fourth decade, Providence Auto Body is the largest volume Providence collision center and auto body repair facility inside Rhode Island’s borders. Backed by extensive experience and over thirty years of success, our forward-looking service is also ready to help give you a brighter future when your car needs post-accident repair and restoration to get you back on the road quickly and successfully.

Providence Auto Body is proudly family owned and operated. We employ expertly trained technicians, management and support staff to ensure your experience is second to none. Here are just a few of the employees who will help guarantee premium quality from the minute you walk through our doors.