Providence Auto Body is proud to announce that we are the first shop certified to repair Ford Aluminum Vehicles, including the popular F150 trucks.

Our technicians have been specially trained in the proper welding techniques in all aspects of welds used in repairing aluminum vehicle structures.


Included in the certification process was very rigorous training, which instruct our technicians on how to properly repair your vehicles, including:

  • Understand safe practices when working with aluminum
  • Identify the heating limits for straightening
  • Understand the position on repairing cracks in aluminum parts and in the frame assembly
  • Determine the approved adhesive required
  • Describe what types of rivets are approved for use on vehicles
  • Understand what is different about welding on aluminum than steel
  • Understand what steel strengths are used and what frame repairs are supported

Not only do we properly repair Ford Aluminum vehicles, we are certified specialists on many other aluminum body vehicles as well. Click here to learn more.