In the event your Cadillac CT6 is damaged, we want to ensure that you have access to a repair facility that meets our standards and is equipped to properly repair your vehicle.

The Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network will work to protect your vehicle’s integrity, with the goal of restoring it as close to pre-collision condition as possible. In the event of a collision, you will have all the support you need to get your vehicle to a Cadillac dealer. With OnStar* service or Roadside Assistance,** we will help you find the nearest Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network facility.

All Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network facilities use genuine parts that are backed by GM. Technicians at Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network facilities have extensive training in the proper use of Cadillac-approved repair equipment, tools, and repair procedures to ensure repairs meet our standards. These facilities undergo annual verification inspections to ensure technicians are properly trained, required equipment is in place and utilized, and Cadillac-recommended repair procedures are followed.

Restore your vehicle to its pre-collision status with the professionals of the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network. Providence Auto Body is the only shop in Rhode Island and Massachusetts that has received certification for Cadillac CT6 Aluminum Repair.